How to Improve Your Relationship with Money

So you think you could not be friends?

You don’t need to be enemies with your money! If you haven’t thought about your relationship with money, you’re not the only woman to say that. But it’s time to connect in a friendly way with the concept of money, rewrite your money story if it is not working for you and create the abundance you want to have in your life.

Your relationship with money can determine your behaviour around money. Make sure your relationship is a good one.

If you lack in abundance, it is likely because you have formed an unhealthy relationship with money and your money story will reflect that. You may have inherited this mindset as a girl from your family or bad experiences with money growing up.



What can you do

Here are new beliefs to adopt into your life to start to welcome wealth, based on a positive outlook on money:

*Presume money will come to you, on a daily basis.

*Realize anybody can be wealthy today. ANY WOMAN.

*Set out to solve a problem with your business

*Believe that you will have an abundance of money, rather than a shortage.

*Don’t think money is unimportant. It is necessary for everyday life, from shelter to clothes. If you deny the importance of money, then you will find you have little of it.

Becoming friends with money is crucial to attracting wealth. Once you connect with money in a healthy way, you will have a lifelong friendship that thrives, and that’s reason to celebrate!

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