“It’s not just about learning to manage the money part, it’s about becoming aware of our relationship with money. So go ahead – step into the sunshine of awareness and set yourself free!”

Christina Cabrera, Money Muse

Hello, my name is Christina Cabrera and if you could hear my accent you will wonder where I am from.

I sound like I have a soft American twang, but I am German by passport and was born and raised in Japan where I lived for 22 years, before coming to Perth 37 years ago. So think of me as a combination of many traditions and great adventures.

I love educating women to feel enlightened, inspired and strengthened in their relationship with money – so they can create empowered choices for themselves. “Wisdom of Wealth for Women” has given me a platform to personally coach women like you individually. In addition, I host the Money Smart Woman Academy where I teach women personal wealth effectiveness and all things “Money”

One of my proudest moments…

In 2017 I was inducted into the AFA hall of fame as one of the “Top 5 Female Movers and Shakers in the Money Industry” in Australia.

This made me understand that my desire to truly make a difference in the lives of women by mentoring them to build healthy and wealthy relationships with money was truly a reality.

It also inspired and motivated me to dream bigger and believe in my mission with an even greater conviction.

and this year…

I was named as one of the 20 Australian Personal Development Experts and Coaches to Work With in 2022 by the Australian Business Journal.

Why do I only work with women?

…because we are truly from Venus and think differently than men.

As a financial planner who has helped hundreds of women create stronger financial futures for themselves, it became very clear to me that while women are making good money they don’t feel confident with what to do with it.

After years of frustration and following some additional education to understand human behaviour I had my own WOW moment and created Wisdom of Wealth for Women.

Its purpose is relatively simple, yet profoundly life changing. Wisdom of Wealth for Women is dedicated to educating women like you about money choices and personal effectiveness. Underlying this is a belief I hold strongly that, if I was able to pull myself out of the uneasy trenches about money, so can you. 

“Achieving financial security is like a combination lock when the right keys fit good things happen! When you refine your money mindset and combine it with improved money skills set…. you become unstoppable. You will make the leap into the Wisdom of Wealth”

As the Money Muse, I see myself as a Money Life Coach whose superpower is to create light bulb moments for women who want to get a handle on their finances and feel happy when they talk about money and wealth. 

I do that by translating seemingly difficult money concepts into easy to understand and empowering clarity.

“Eye opener”, “life-changing” and “Barefoot investor on steroids” is what women have said when they emerge empowered to learn and implement the exact strategies and tactics they need so they can confidently create financial freedom for themselves immediately and into the future.

Wisdom of Wealth for Women exists to make it easier for you to create abundance and sanctuary for yourself and your loved ones. How? By transforming your personal money design, dispelling your money fears, making money concepts simple to understand and guiding you to connect and express your abundant money destiny.

Becoming “money smart” makes it easier for you to achieve the things you desire. That has always been my core mission – to show women who want to become powerfully confident and effective with their money exactly how to, so they can live their dreams.

I teach women, through sharing healthy mindset reframes and easy to understand money creation concepts, how to create more effortless wealth

When I’m not changing the very trajectory of women’s relationships with all things money I can be found doing the things that fill my heart and soul with joy.

I love nothing more than curling up in my big comfy chair by the fire with a book in winter, or heading to the beach to walk with my toes in the sand and water lapping by my side when the sun comes out anytime throughout the year. I adore travelling and have visited so many places around the world, with Hawaii being one of my favourite destinations.

Oh and if you ask anyone who knows me even a little what else I love to do they’ll probably mention Tango dancing and being a little goofy. I can’t help it. Being playful on and off the dance floor is something I just love.

Wealth Knowledge

  • Bachelor of Commerce (UWA)
  • Diploma of Financial Planning (Deakin University)
  • Certified Financial Planner® (FPA)
  • Options Trading for Cash Flow (Wealth Wisdom)
  • Billionaire Boot Camp (Academy of Wealth and Achievement)
  • Momentum Wealth Property Education Program (Momentum Wealth)

Wealth Mindset

  • Certified Money Coach (CMC)®
  • Master Practitioner of NLP (Academy of Wealth and Achievement)
  • Advanced Neurological Re-Patterning™ (Academy of Wealth and Achievement)
  • Advanced Subconscious Reprogramming (Academy of Wealth and Achievement)
  • Master Results Coach (Academy of Wealth and Achievement)
  • Ericksonian Hypnosis (Academy of Wealth and Achievement)
  • Breakthrough Experience Program (Dr. J. Demartini)
  • Psych-K™ Basic (Quantum Creations)
  • Voice Dialogue Facilitator (Life Training Institute)

Professional Bio:

Meet your WOW moment illuminator, Christina Cabrera, Money Muse.With close to 30 years of experience in the financial services industry, Christina is no ordinary financial planner or money guide for women. She practices what she preaches and is committed to supporting women to transform their money fears into effortless wealth and freedom. As an active investor since 1985, she has direct personal experience investing in a wide range of assets from commercial and residential property, to Australian and International shares, managed funds, gold and more. She is a smart business woman who has created a million dollar practice from the ground up with very little investment. Super inspiring.

Christina is unique in the financial planning industry having combined her impressive technical skills and financial strategies with her love of money mindset coaching  to create interactive workshops and incredible group experiences empowering women to make educated choices and smart decisions about their money. These experiences assist women to access their own inner wisdom, accelerate their path to financial freedom and redefine their definition of “True Wealth” which leads to being Money Smart.

Christina is an amazing Money Muse for Women, a dynamic speaker and workshop leader. She draws on her extensive expertise and training to transform money mindsets permanently. Christina is a leading light in a revolution of women ready and willing to make inspired, educated choices for themselves and their money. Are you in?

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