Money is one thing we all want or need more of.

It is the thing that causes us angst and anguish.

It triggers unease and challenging conversations.

It might even bring you fear.

If you are feeling frustrated or stressed about your money situation, you are in the right place. You might not realise it but there IS support and guidance easily available to you to find your money freedom.

Starting the money freedom conversation is what I love to do.

I have been stuck in the uneasy trenches of money uncertainty like you have at some point in your life. Perhaps you’re there right now. If you are I want you to know I have been in your shoes, in more ways that you may imagine. And if I can find my way out of the trenches and find my money freedom, so can you.

Ok here’s a home truth for you.

I was a financial adviser who knew her money stuff and yet I felt stuck and disempowered. I share this not to make you feel disheartened or think “Christina knew what she was doing with money and still felt the things I feel, so what hope do I have?”

Women truly are from Venus and Men are from Mars, especially when it comes to Money

I share the truth of my situation with you so as to provide an understanding that having “money stuff” is extremely common. In fact, I don’t think I have ever met someone who doesn’t have some money related issue right now. Or maybe it was in the past. Thing is, you’ve had something, right?

Ok so here is the part where I tell you things changed for the better. I’m a total truth teller so I’m not going to tell you I discovered some fancy secret to unstoppable abundance, wealth and joy.

I am going to tell you I discovered a philosophy and way to build a relationship with money that is abundant, wealthy and joyful!

I call it the Wisdom of Wealth and it offers a key to lasting wealth.

It is about understanding what is going on inside you and tuning into the stories you tell yourself about money and the relationship you have with money. Most of what is going on for women around money is unconscious. It means you aren’t aware of why you relate to money the way you do.

Some women contract around money. Others just spend it like there is no tomorrow. Others squirrel it away for fear of never having enough. There are countless other ways you might be expressing your relationship with money. Some may be helpful. Other ways, well probably not!

Ultimately it feels frustrating and disempowering doesn’t it? And it is pretty terrible really! I want to use stronger words about how it makes me feel but I know we are on the same page so I’ll withhold the profanities.

You have possibly told yourself a billion times you will do something to make a change. Well you’re in the right place being here.

Reading this.

Showing yourself you want to think, feel and act in new ways. I like to call this realisation a WOW moment.

Before I go on, let me reiterate that you are likely not aware how you hold beliefs about yourself and money that limit you. You probably have no idea this is happening but your money archetypes are driving your behaviours around money.

Curious about what your money archetypes are?

The Wisdom of Wealth is not just about investing or money - it’s about YOU.

Your money success is like a combination lock

Getting one key to fit is just the beginning.
When all the right keys fit in the correct sequence, good things happen!

There are two halves of the lock combination;

Money Mindset and Money Knowledge.

There is wisdom in women having money and wealth and being able to be fluent in the gibberish of money. The wisdom allows women like you to confidently and effortlessly create and maintain wealth for yourself and your loved ones. The wisdom comes from understanding that there are 2 keys to achieving financial empowerment and freedom.

1. Master your money mindset and

2. Mastery of money concepts.

If you get the keys to this combination lock right, magic happens. 

That is why the heart lock and key for the Wisdom Of Wealth logo. 

For women money is all about heart and what it can do for the ones you love. It is not just numbers, it is all about who you are as a woman; an individual, a mother, a partner, a business owner, an employee, a daughter, a friend, a carer, a cheerleader, a taxi, a dreamer, a solution maker.  

Your wisdom runs deep like an ocean.

Now let's go together and access that wisdom!

Creating wealth is actually disappointingly simple. We just get in our own way.

If I can do it, so can you.

I’m Christina Cabrera, Australia’s Money Guide and Mentor for Women. Not just any women – women who are truly ready to prosper.

Working as a financial planner for over 30 years, I have met hundreds of women. The consistent thing I hear from you is how you are totally confused and intimidated by anything that has to do with money. Read more about me here.

This both saddens and frustrates me, as it does not have to be that way at all. Who’s kidding, it annoys me no end. It drives me to do the work I do as this dynamic between women and money has to stop.

My message is simple:

I am here to enlighten, educate women about money and their money mindset so they can empower themselves to make profound changes to dramatically improve their position of wealth. How do I do this?

Effortlessly translating seemingly difficult money theories into easy to understand concepts that lead to clarity and confidence is my superpower.

Women who have worked with me call me the Money Muse and Mindset Magician.

Through sharing simple techniques gathered through extensive training and over 30 years of hands-on experience working with women from all backgrounds, ages, cultures and financial positions, I facilitate miraculous mindset shifts with the women I teach and coach. Subtly yet powerfully these shifts create lasting change in behaviour around money.

Now we are at the best bit. The work we do together enables women like you to experience genuine relief from the money worry cycle. You become liberated from worrying about your money stuff, allowing you to make educated choices and take inspired action to create effortless wealth and freedom.

My philosophy is underpinned by a belief that small course corrections in your money journey can lead to big results. Just like a tiny pebble cast into still water will cause expanding ripples that can reach distant shores, a tiny action can change the path of your wealth growth – the kind that has far reaching impact.

I invite you to come have a chat with me but first, discover your money archetype by taking the quiz.

Money Coaching

Fast track your journey to wealth with 1:1 online coaching. Coaching Money Muse style gives you the best of my decades of expertise working with money, women and wealth. The personalised focused means we pay attention to what you want and need and you get to learn what’s right for you, all while receiving focused mentoring.

Our sessions will combine both keys of the Wisdom of Wealth philosophy- mindset and practical money knowledge to help you shift money beliefs, emotions, and create healthier habits and behaviours. Aligning your money journey with your values and what matters to you most, creating clarity and a plan for a new future is all part of becoming Money Smart.

Coaching and mentoring can help you to gain confidence quicker, more purposefully identify actions to take and then have the know how to get results.

Money Smart Woman Workshops

Join a group of like minded women for a guided field trip through how money works, how our minds deal with money and how our misconceptions hold us back from making smart decisions about money.

Learn if you have fallen victim to the common false beliefs that sabotage women’s ability to get wealthy and stay wealthy.

Let me share my investment experience with you and teach you what you need to know about money, investments and wealth – so you can immediately begin to use the practical tools you will get at the workshop.

Propel yourself powerfully forward with new found confidence.

Speaking, Appearances, Guest Article Submissions

I love speaking about all things women, money, mindset and personal effectiveness.

I welcome opportunities to speak, appear on your podcast or video interview series or to submit a guest article for your website, digital or print publication.

Feel free to read more by clicking the button below or contact me here to start the conversation. I'm excited to see how we can work together and I can help you by providing some high quality content for your audience about such an important range of topics for women and their money.

Your money success is like a combination lock

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