3 Toxic Assumptions About Money

Get rid of these 3 assumption about money

Your beliefs about money may be wreaking havoc on your life, and you don’t even know it. Here are three toxic assumptions about money that many women today hold onto:

  • I can’t make money doing something I love

Ha! I love what I do, and I make a good income at it, which dispels this myth. If you don’t think you can have an enjoyable career, then you are tying money with a sense of unsatisfying work. And you don’t have to think that way.

  • I don’t deserve wealth

If you believe this statement, then you think of money as a symbol of worthiness. However, this assumption is dangerous because if you feel undeserving then you are more likely to sabotage yourself from making or keeping the money.

  • You have to give up your time to make more money

Nope! If you invest right, you can be making money while you sleep, ladies. The whole idea of investing is to create an asset pool that will eventually bring in enough income, so that you do not have trade your time for money (which is what working for a salary is).

These are three of the numerous toxic assumptions about money that many women have and likely don’t even realize how it is holding back their ability to create wealth.

What other assumptions do you hold? I say it’s time to kick these false statements to the curb!