Testimonials from Money Smart Women who have worked with and learned from Christina

“The best workshop I’ve ever attended – you changed my life in just the first couple of hours. Thank you so much for your generosity" Annemaree Jensen

“You offer money magic and mindset miracles to women of the world" Jay Crisp Crow

“Totally best value for your money and time.  Gaining Power. Extremely enjoyable and refreshingly understandable and uncomplicated"  Neesha Hanna

“Don’t even think about it! You wantneed – to do it. I have learnt so much more about how to reach my financial potential. I have taken away soooooo much more than expected. This is incredibleStephanie Powell

You have been an inspiration and you truly have empowered me to take control of more than just my finances. Everyone should spend a day with you! Awesome, awesome, awesome!" Elizabeth Oldcorn

“You will have a light bulb moment and free yourself from limitations behind financial goals and you didn't know you had" Hayley Watson

“Do it! So informative and empowering. I feel as if I can go home and confidently find my issues and fix them. Before the workshop I had absolutely no idea half these things existed" Jackquline King

“Absolutely worthwhile ! It is a safe place to discuss money and the content of the workshop is invaluable" Tanya Maxwell

“The course is worth every cent to improve your financial future – Christina has a fun way of explaining the dull topics" Monica Sacroug 

“The tools that Christina gave me in the workshop are incredibly powerful and have had a major impact in my business and personal life Julie Baker

“These three short hours have helped me understand what’s holding me back- and get excited about moving forward" Angela Bennett

“Definitely worth it! Teaches how to look inside yourself to understand how to make the most of opportunities and become wealthy" Dene Gray

“Invest the time in yourself! You can learn to make money work for you even if you have to start really small” Abi Farina

“I love the way Christina presents, it was fun and informative. Thank you. Invest in yourself – gives you more gratification and benefit than a pair of shoes or an expensive branded bag!" Carmen Tseng

“I like how Christina focuses on the female mindset and created a workshop that delivers more efficient financial tips to the female audience – well done!  A great introduction for women who wish to have more financial knowledge" Carol Loh

“A completely different way to approach your finances – starting with looking internally rather than externally" Laura-Jane Petley

“I can’t believe more women aren’t putting themselves first and getting this knowledge. It’s the most selfless thing you can do if you really want to create the wealth you need for the life you deserve”  Shannon Bush

“Knowledge alone does not change behaviours. This workshop taps into all the personal junk that prevents us from taking action. Fantastic" Erin McKay

“It will change the way you think about wealth creation.  A different more personable approach" Miriam Krouzecky 

“Do it! Opens your eyes up to all different possibilities to become wealthy" Jaye Lange

“I strongly recommend to all women that want to start the journey of improving their wealth knowledge. Christina you are such an engaging, well spoken, honest and genuine presenter. Thank you" Trish Matljan

“Attend and let your financial wealth soar" Vanessa Vaughan

“Very thought provoking presentation.  Made me grow and rethink" Julia Hindmarsh

“Strongly encourage – will give an understanding of why you are in the place that you are financially" Kim Savins

“Christina is passionate about her work, she cares about her clients and doesn’t try to “sell" any product, no underlying purpose or other agenda" Catherine Shepherd

“Christina Cabrera is not only a stunning financial planner who has real consideration for clients’ needs above her own need for fees, she is a true humanitarian with an incredible spirit for adventure, fun and giving back" Mike Handcock, Chairman – Rock Your Life

“Within 5 minutes of meeting Christina I knew that there was an amazing comparison between her and anyone else." Dene and John Gray, Business Owners

“She really wants to help people get to where they want to go.  When you find someone who inspires you, then you let others know. Christina is one of them." Dene and John Gray, Business Owners

“My accountant sent me to Christina 11 years ago. Best instruction he ever gave me and the smartest thing I ever did! I now look forward to retirement with confidence.  I tell everyone about her." Pat Martin, Consultant

“Christina has taken care of my finances – very successfully – for over twenty years. I have absolute faith in her judgment and trust her implicitly. She has become a very good friend" Kathleen C, Retired

“Christina's genuine client-centred focus, her total professionalism, meticulous follow-through in all aspects of advantage to the client, her personalised care, ethical principles and social values provide a constant confirmation of my good fortune and wisdom in accepting the original recommendations" Lyn Adams, Retired Psychologist

“Christina puts things into words I can understand.  She's the light at the end of the rainbow as she explains things in my terminology" Bev Abrahall, Customer Service Officer

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