How to Create a Healthy Money Mindset

So you want to make more money?

That’s great! Having the motivation to reach your financial goal is essential to being successful at it. If you’re not sure where to begin, let me tell you: It starts with your frame of mind. Specifically, you must have the right money mindset. Here’s what that means and how to get it for yourself.

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What’s Got to Change?

Firstly, to change anything requires assessing where you’re at now and what’s keeping you from where you want to be. In this case, you’re wanting monetary gain, which likely means you wish you had a bigger income or more spending money.

Rather than focusing on your environment, look inward at how your thoughts about finances are keeping you from gaining additional wealth.

Specifically, you want to shed a scarcity mindset, as that’s what’s keeping you broke or bringing in less money than you’d hoped for your household.

A few examples of a scarcity mindset are:

  • Thinking “I am never going to be able to get off this treadmill of being poor. This is who I am.”
  • Saying to yourself, “I wish I could afford this”

When you have a scarcity frame of mind, you think that there won’t be enough ever and that there’s no hope of increasing household income. But you’re making yourself helpless by having these thoughts; instead, take back the power to welcome wealth into your life.

That’s where the money mindset comes in.


5 Ways to Develop a Robust Money Mindset:

Re-learn What You Were Taught as Child

While your parents meant well, they might have instilled negative messages in you about finances. Remember that adage, “money doesn’t grow on trees”?
If you heard it as a kid, well, it wasn’t true. The reality is that money is made of paper so actually it does come from trees after all.
Or, if your parents rarely talked about money in front of you or with you, that’s not great either. That scenario would communicate that money is a taboo topic of conversation, which only prevents you from learning more about how to invest and spend it wisely.

Thankfully these less-than-accurate lessons are fixable. Educate yourself online and by working with a money coach such as myself to learn the basics. There’s no shame in not knowing the fundamentals; we all must learn at some point, at least if we want to get ahead financially.

Let Go of Your Money Past
Even the top financial experts have made decisions in the past that didn’t go as planned financially. But now is the time to start fresh rather than always looking in the rearview mirror.

Your past doesn’t define you and it also wouldn’t take you to where you can go now that you’re on a new path with the potential to make more money. You’re well on your way to crafting a new money mindset now.

And this point is where you start to create your new money story, shedding the old one and taking on a frame of mind of abundance. Essentially, what that means is that you believe there is more of everything in life, including money, rather than living in negative feelings of scarcity.

Pretend… Until You Come to Believe It
Um, Christina, how do I go about living in abundance when I have no extra money after paying bills at the end of the month?

Yes, I hear what you’re saying!

You must trust in the money mindset. The phrase “fake it ‘til you make it” comes to mind, until you genuinely believe in it, which happens over time. So, you tell yourself that you have the skills to work in a higher-paying position or to do something else that will bring in more cash.
Once you have that mindset, you’re unstoppable. You welcome positive monetary experiences and have the confidence to take on what comes your way.

Be Grateful
A lot of what the last point is talking about is the law of attraction. Put out positive vibes with your money mindset and you’ll attract positive energy.

In other words, if you believe in good things happening to you monetarily, then that is what you will welcome into your life. Tools to help you get good at attracting what you want in your life include:

  • Write lists of what you’re grateful for today; make a list each evening before going to bed
  • Visualise what you want – Go ahead and dream! See it into reality

As you start to practice gratitude and visualise what will happen in your financial future, you’ll attract more of what you want into your life.

Grow Your Confidence
If you’re not quite there yet when it comes to self-esteem, then as I’ve said before: Fake it until you make it. After all, if you don’t believe in yourself then how can you expect anyone else to do so?

If you want to get that next-level, higher-paying job or secure more business contracts then you have to be confident. Hand-in-hand with that point is that believing in yourself will help you see that you’re worth more than you might be giving yourself credit for.

And then you will power through to a promotion by knowing you deserve to ask for it in the first place and shining as you put together your pitch to a new client. You’ve got this!

Final Words on Money Mindset

By making the shifts above, you can have a money mindset and, in turn, bring more wealth than before into your life. You don’t have to stay in scarcity; instead, take back your power, ladies.

If this post is useful to you, hang on for Part 2 soon!

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