Creating A Healthy Money Mindset

More Money Mindset Insights (Part 2)

That’s right, the money mindset discussion continues!    Part 1 offered approachable ways to start to overturn a scarcity way of thinking to become more successful financially. There’s so much to cover that I wanted to do the topic justice with a second installment. And here it is.

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For the Love of Wealth

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or not, the vision of having enough money that you don’t have to worry about bills is a popular one. And for good reason – Not having enough funds in the bank to cover more than the coming week or two can cause major stress.

But the problem is that while many people want more money, they dream of it and talk about it without taking actionable steps.

So today we’ll focus on taking steps inspired by Success magazine

Soak Up the Knowledge

In the first part of this series, I talked about problematic relationships with money, including seeing Money as a taboo topic of conversation. The reality is that most adults have learned negative habits growing up; but while it’s normal, that doesn’t make it healthy.

So now your aim, ladies, is to start to learn from those who have a robust money mindset. But how, you ask?

The key here is to surround yourself with those who embody a healthy money mindset. To find them, just look at who’s monetarily successful in your current industry or the sector you want to enter one day soon. Or even look at people around you.  Who do you admire in how they live their life?

While you might not know them personally, there are still ways you can reach the likes of Oprah. She’s as close as YouTube and there is a seemingly endless supply of interviews with her online. Or you might read her books and magazine.

While the beliefs you gathered over the years about money might have held you back before, nothing is holding you back now that you know to look to leaders for insights into how they think about money, themselves, and their futures.

Examine Your Thoughts

Now that you’re watching these leaders online or reading about them, note whether they have different outlooks on business, specifically in terms of finance. As you watch an interview, for example, does the person of interest answer questions negatively or instead speak with actionable words in a positive light?

Then take an honest look at yourself. If someone asked you the same questions as they’re asked in the interview online, would you react with a positive spin or focus on the negative instead?

Please know that I’m not saying to try to become Oprah or whoever that other person is that you’re looking up to. And I certainly don’t want to take away your sense of self.

But I do want you to start to make things happen in a good way with money. And that all starts with how you think about yourself and your ability to attract wealth.

Use Positive Affirmations

One last money mindset strategy is to dedicate time each day to think or say aloud positive money affirmations. While you might not believe them at the start, over time as you repeat them and start your journey to bringing in wealth, you’re sure to genuinely connect with the words.

I use these daily messages for myself:

  • “I am a lucky person, money comes to me easily”
  • “My health, wealth, joy and abundance expands daily”

Which one and how many you use is up to you. Repeating these affirmations can go far toward increasing your energy level and keeping you going through any obstacles to riches that occur.

Find a few that resonate with you and begin using them today.

Looking Ahead

The money mindset concept is one that gets a lot of attention but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. It takes a dedication to changing how you think about money.

When you believe in yourself and develop a healthy relationship with money, the opportunities are endless. You can enjoy financial success – It all starts with your mind.

If you want to explore this topic in more detail, I am happy to help.  Just contact me and we can have a chat.

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