These 3 Money Secrets Will Change Things For The Better

Shhh… You’re not supposed to tell secrets, right? But that’s not true in this case. By educating women about money, I like to think we’re raising one another up to achieve more, both personally and in society. This is why I’m here with three money secrets that you can borrow or “steal.”

1. Save in Place of What You Spend

Let me explain. Let’s say you go out and get your hair colored at the salon. Normally you use dye from the box but this time you get it done professionally, which costs more.

This is great – you’ll look divine and feel more confident – but you’ll have to meet this challenge first to justify the extra expense: You have to match it with a savings upgrade in the same month. In other words, spend more, save more.

Are you up for the challenge? I think it’s a great way to test your financial skills, allow yourself a treat, and continue to save money.

2. Ask Yourself This First

Want another money secret to steal? If you are not sure whether to buy something or not, ask yourself this one question first: How much am I would I be prepared to pay for it?

Answer this question before you check its price tag. This method will make it much easier for you to decide whether to buy the scarf, book, teapot or another item that you’ve been uncertain about taking home from the shop with you.

If your guess is close to the sales tag, you’ll take satisfaction in knowing you’re getting the object for what it’s worth. If you’re way off base though then you’ll probably think twice about buying it, right?

3. How Easy is it to Clean?

Here’s another question to ask before you buy something. Ask yourself: Are you willing to clean it?

If that dress you’re eyeing at the shop is dry clean only, for example, that’s costlier than throwing it in the washer. So if you’re not willing to care for it then it’s probably best to put the dress back on the store rack.

If something requires a lot of upkeep and you don’t want to put in the work for it, then you’ve just talked yourself out of purchase. Look at you, saving money!

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