I love speaking about all things women, money, mindset and personal effectiveness.

Expert Speaker

I am available for speaking engagements, radio or telephone interviews, television, and other media appearances. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to spread the message that there is great wisdom in women empowering themselves to create wealth for themselves and their loved ones.

Guest Article Contribution

I regularly write articles ideal for your online or print publication.

Podcast or Video Interview

I love sharing my years of experience in wealth creation and insights about how women can create unstoppable money magic for themselves.

Workshop Facilitation

Change the lives of women in your business, community, industry association, membership group or conference by hosting a workshop or talk. Discover how an easily understood Women and Money workshop or talk can instantly involve your participants. Specifically tailored for your audience, these programs are designed to fast track women on to their path to financial security. You can easily make a difference quickly and easily by simply booking one of the programs below or contact me to discuss how I can tailor a program for you.

“I have had the pleasure of having Christina Cabrera speak on my podcast, Law of Effortlessness, a couple of times. She is a quality speaker with a significant depth of practical knowledge for women when it comes to money and wealth creation. She's engaging, professional and fun, providing audiences with fresh ways to learn. Thanks Christina! I'm looking forward to the next oppotunity to have you as a guest soon"

Shannon Bush, Business Liberator at Creative Possibility, Chat host at Law of Effortlessness podcast

“Working with Christina was a smooth and positive experience. When she guest posted for me at When Women Inspire , she offered great suggestions for “Finding Your Why" that connected with readers. Her personable writing style immediately captivated not only me but also the audience of mainly females"

Christy Birmingham, When Women Inspire – Read Christina's Article here