Money Coaching with Christina Cabrera, the Money Muse for women

What does Money Muse style coaching entail? I'm often asked what money coaching with Christina is all about and I say that it's a fast track on your journey to wealth. It involves 1:1 online coaching and Coaching Money Muse style gives you the best of my decades of expertise working with money, women and wealth. The personalised focused means we pay attention to what you want and need and you get to learn what’s right for you, all while receiving focused mentoring.

Our sessions will combine both keys of the Wisdom of Wealth philosophy- mindset and practical money knowledge to help you shift money beliefs, emotions, and create healthier habits and behaviours. Aligning your money journey with your values and what matters to you most, creating clarity and a plan for a new future is all part of becoming Money Smart.

Coaching and mentoring can help you to gain confidence quicker, more purposefully identify actions to take and then have the know how to get results.

If you're ready to explore what is possible when it comes to 'money coaching with Christina' and how fabulous it is when you have your own Money Muse please book a time for us to chat so we can see if we are a good fit to get you and your Wisdom of Wealth (WOW) working harmoniously together.

Money coaching with Christina | Money Coaching for Women Perth Australia
Money coaching with Christina | Money Coaching for Women Perth Australia

“I engaged Christina for Money Mindset Coaching for a few reasons. I loved her relaxed, calm, confident vibe. I have always considered myself ‘bad with money’ and know that I have some attitudes and behaviours which are holding me back from making the progress I want to.

I felt I could trust Christina with the thoughts, emotions and figures (what a rare combination!) to help me master my money mindset.

Christina helped me by providing a framework to guide me through exploring my history, values, attitudes and beliefs and identifying my archetypes around money.

The result was feeling empowered to begin making some changes and identifying a pathway for me to build on those changes consistently.

One thing I liked about Money Coaching with Christina was her relaxed, clear and confident approach to working with me around a topic that holds some shame and helped me move towards feeling I am in control.

I found the experience fascinating, enlightening and empowering. Thank you Christina" Katrina Alilovic

“Wow! What a pleasure to work with Christina through the Money Coaching Core Process. I felt seen, heard and safely held to explore an area of great vulnerability around my money beliefs and feelings and inadequacies around my money confidence. By deeply exploring my family money story I now feel more confident to move forward with my Money Archetypes empowering me. Thank you Christina." Kay Shelton

Money coaching with Christina | Money Coaching for Women Perth Australia
Money coaching with Christina | Money Coaching for Women Perth Australia

“The tools that Christina gave me in the workshop are incredibly powerful and have had a major impact in my business and personal life.  The Money Smart Woman Master Class was a true awakening for me, in that Christina looked at me as the whole person that I am – my emotional self, my beliefs systems and how my mental blocks are holding me back.  With that in mind – I found it imperative to take advantage of the money coaching with Christina post the master class. It has allowed me to stay focused on the aspects that I said that I wanted to achieve and receive in my life, and most importantly feel supported when I am stuck or hit deviations that take me off my path to success."  Julie Baker

“I have recently completed a course Money Coaching with Christina and I am so grateful for the amazing work that she does. Christina is amazing at her job and is able to draw on her vast knowledge and experience to help educate her students based upon their own position in their financial life and life in general.

Christina has armed me with a wealth of tools to use in relation to creating a great money mindset and understanding how to change the ways I do things to get better results for myself.

I would highly recommend Christina to anyone wanting to gain more insight into their own financial story and to learn how to change it for the better.

Thanks so much Christina, you are wise and wonderful and I feel so grateful for the opportunity to learn from you" Monica Devine

Money coaching with Christina | Money Coaching for Women Perth Australia
Money coaching with Christina | Money Coaching for Women Perth Australia

Want to know your Money Type? Take the Quiz

Take the quiz and find out which money archetypes are influencing your patterns and behaviours with money.

Is it the Magician or the Warrior or is it a combination of a few others? They all play a role. Curious?

Getting to know your archetypes, harnessing their strength and working with their weaknesses will help you fast track your wealth growth.